Client: Aatrium Furniture & Decor / 2022

Aatrium's First Year in TikTok

The Task: Aatrium, a renowned home decor store in Tallinn, had a goal of being a pioneer in its industry by launching a TikTok channel ahead of its competitors.

The Challenge: Despite limited resources, we needed to create a community of Aatrium’s ideal clients who would show genuine interest in buying.

The Solution: To attract our ideal clients, we implemented a strategic plan that involved creating an ideal client persona, identifying content pillars, formulating a visual strategy, launching a campaign, setting goals, and establishing a monthly reporting process. Following the launch campaign, we managed their account for a year, analyzed data to optimize our content strategy, and regularly created fresh content.

The Results: Based on the comments, likes, and saves we received, it’s evident that we successfully created a community of individuals who are interested in our field and products showcased in our videos. By the end of the year, we accumulated over 270k views and 14k interactions.


  • Creative Project Manager: Jenny Tupits
  • Social Media Specialists: Angela Lill, Aliis Tops 
  • Creative / AD: Juhan Saat


TikTok Strategy, Launch Campaign, TikTok Video Production, Motion, Copywriting, TikTok Channel Management, Reporting



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