Client: AbeStock / September 2023

Brand Awareness Campaign for Loodusvägi

Loodusvägi approached us to enhance their brand awareness, and we were excited to accept the challenge.

We began by delving deep into their sales reports, analyzing trends and patterns to identify opportunities to connect with their target audience. We conducted a thorough analysis and identified two key buyer personas that embodied Loodusvägi’s consumer base.

Through in-depth analysis, we gained valuable insights into their habits and lifestyles, allowing us to tailor a brand promise that would resonate authentically. This brand promise formed the backbone of our messaging strategy and design choices, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Our media strategy and plan were meticulously crafted to maximize reach and impact. Our creative team brought the campaign to life, producing assets that enforced brand recognition in stores and digital media. Leveraging Meta and Google Ads, we drove traffic to the designated landing page.

The campaign achieved 2 million impressions in the target group and 10k clicks to the landing page.



Creative Strategy, Media Strategy, Design, Animation, Copywriting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads


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