Client: Crayola / September 2023

Crayola Digital Campaign in Estonia & Latvia

Objective: This campaign aimed to establish Crayola as the foremost brand for washable markers in Estonia and Latvia.

Strategy: By leveraging the power of Meta and Google campaigns, we crafted a compelling message that highlighted the unique strengths of Crayola’s washable markers. This approach proved instrumental in effectively conveying the product’s benefits to our target audience.

Challenges: Navigating a densely populated marker market was a formidable challenge, compounded by Crayola’s extensive product lineup. To overcome these challenges, we created clear messaging that stood out amidst the clutter.

Approach: Our approach involved conducting an in-depth analysis of Crayola’s product portfolio, competitor messaging strategies, and design languages. Our goal was to create a strategy that would captivate our target audience while staying true to Crayola’s essence.

Results: The campaign reached over 350k individuals from our target audience, driving 4000 clicks to Crayola’s digital platforms. This success was attributed to a carefully crafted messaging strategy highlighting Crayola’s unique advantages and resonating with the target audience.


  • Creative Project Manager: Jenny Tupits
  • Copywriter: Rait Milistver
  • Creative / Design: Juhan Saat
  • Media Strategist: Meril Tihkonen
  • Social Media Specialist: Tuuli Randver


Creative Strategy, Media Strategy, Design, Animation, Copywriting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Influencer Marketing

“I regard cooperation with VIVID very highly! Thanks to their quick response and preparedness, I have gained a better understanding of how to plan and prepare for deadlines on social media and an online store platform.

Their creativity and knowledge have been a great help in sharing the company’s new image and message on social media. And like a cherry on the top, they do it with great enthusiasm and positivity!”


— Kerli-Helen Oissaar, E-Commerce Manager at Agapics / Crayola


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